Friday, November 26, 2010

simbiosis mutualisme


ouwhh...how are u??hope u r fine..
with a good feeling..just feel better for some reasons that we can't accept..it's not easy to face a reality..but believe n bear in ur mind that at least we r strong enough to get that things..to know the real situation..the real experience..
talk to your heart..setting your mind
"everything happens for a reason"

i know it's really easy to TYPE that words..(dunia..hnya djung jari)..but.. i just wanna us to keep in sharing and remind each other..if today..i remind u..tomorrow..u can remind me..:)..simple..

do u know who is cecelia ahern??the best selling author of ps,i love u..for those who r really like to read english novel..i'm sure that u will know her well..one of the books that i really like is the book of tomorrow..
say that..i'm agree with u..
"sometimes tomorrow has to start today"
when things are perfect..that's when u need to worry most
this book tell us about an unforgettable story about how tomorrow can change what happens today

who is perfectionist???
am i sounds like that?
some people say that..everything must be perfect..
ouwhh..sila katakan sy tdk brsykur..
that's not what i meant lur..
do not hope others will be perfect for u if u r not perfect too..


"The relation between two different species of organisms that are interdependent; each gains benefits from the other"


be a symbiosis of mutualisme


Because u can be in 3 categories..

  • Mutualism

    • Both the symbiont and host benefit.
  • Commensalism

    • The symbiont benefits with little effect on the host.
  • Parasitism

    • The symbiont benefits to the detriment of the host.

choose it..to describe yourself..:)
as a conclusion..what's the relation between
situation..experience..the book of tomorrow and symbiosis.

i can make it in a simple explanation..
symbiosis is about LIFE..
it can be divided into 3 categories..
so..all that will describe about you..yourself..
your experience dealing with the 3 symbiosis..
your situation..to handle it..
and the book of tomorrow 
tomorrow that comes with a new hope..

i still remember about wardina's words..maybe..

dont be sympathetic..
coz im not going to be apologetic...
i like people who are sarcastic...
but please dont try any slapstick...
and stay away from me plastic!

don't lie yourself..u know yourself better..:)


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