Wednesday, June 19, 2013

where did you bought your shawls?

i just want to tell u something.i love shawl.!.shawl lover..really.LOL

dulu pakai tudung bawal,mak aihhh.comot bebenor..gelembung sana sini.senget sana sini.if i have to wear it..it would take more time.!.

yes,definitely i admit that i'm really fussy in choosing what i have to wear..u know,girls~.i take it on positive way why girls should be fussy in choosing what they should or shouldn't wear because they have a lot of things to cover..paling malas dan senang,sarung je jubah,hah..pergi la mana2.tapi,takkan nak pergi jogging pakai jubah kan..not proper..so,have to choose another way but yet still cover.

something that u put on your head is 'tudung'..tak kisah la tudung saji sekali pun.yang penting selesa.!.faham?.^^

for me,there are certain rules that i have to consider before buy any scarfs/shawls

1.large/extra large to cover at my back n chest.
2.comfortable,basically it's from cotton/chiffon made
3.design and colour
4.price must be reasonable

the reason why i write about this entry because a few of my readers asked me where,how,what to do..any tips of buying the shawls...etc.so girls..i made this entry for u.!.i prefer shopping online shop rather than to go outside..save time,fuel and energy.ehee.*sampai abang pos laju pun dan kenal aku.LOL*..

well,just to let u know..most of my shawls are custom made which is i go and find kain..jahit sendiri..if not,i beli yang dah siap custom made by other seller..

ukuran adalah 2m*0.7m..

pic credit to my friend..candid.!.:) n of coz after being edited.ehee

shawl from purdy petals.super comfy,large and easy to wear..no need to iron so.heh.*nampak x nabilah malas nak iron.!.yeee*..like i said..jimat masa okeyh.u don't need so much time just to do on something yang u pakai sekejap then u kena tukar..nak pergi ambil adik 10 minit..gsok tudung je dh 5 minit??gile ke apa...i choose to choose on something that is more important than that.lolzz..pilih tudung berjam2 takpe,jangan nak kena gsok berjam2 lama..hahaha

price??rm39 sahaja.:).i bet u will love it.girls.!

here are the lists of online shopping yang i suka..

2.purdy petals
5.bella luna
7.proper hijab

let me know if ada lagi yang besttttt..okeyh?ehee.feel free to drop your comment for any suggestions/advice.:)..

harap dapat menjawab soalan anda.


p/s : will do review about others in future~

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